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Adult Golf Academy

The Adult Programs at Fox Hills offer something for everyone.  If you are looking for a casual environment with Team Training, Instructional league, Cure Your Slice, or Drop 10 Strokes or a direct approach with Private Lessons. We can fit your needs as a player and help you reach your goals.

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Private Instruction

Learn the basics of golf while having tons of fun!

ATT - Adult Team Training

Take your game to the next level with customized instruction.

Clinics, Schools, Leagues

Exciting, fun and innovative – come enjoy our camps and clinics!


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Private Adult Instruction

Adult instruction at the Fox Hills Learning Center is full of opportunity for both women and men. At our state of the art location, we offer private instruction for all levels of players. We feature a beautiful setting inside our Performance Center where you can learn your swing and launch characteristics. Students can view many of their sessions inside your personal V1 locker. Private lessons usually lead into Adult Team Training Sessions.

Private Lessons

Prices starting at...
$110/Per Hour
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Prices starting at...
$150/Per Session
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Lesson Packages

Prices starting at...
$125/Per Package
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Adult Team Training

This is a fun program where skills are learned and are transferable to the course. The frequency and duration of this program are keys to reducing your frustration and anxiety while playing. It also increases your confidence level which allows you to have more fun while playing. Significant and measurable progress is guaranteed. Sessions are long-term development programs consisting of small groups with a student teacher at or below 5:1. The ATT is best for Intermediate to advanced players; however, recreational players are welcome.

ATT Option 1


$175/month (2-90min sessions/month)

(prices vary by instructor)

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ATT Option 2


$295/month (2-90min sessions, 1-60 minute private/month)

(prices vary by instructor)

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ATT Option 3


$350/month (3-90min sessions, 1-60min private/month)

(prices vary by instructor)

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Women’s Group Instruction

Women’s golf instruction at Fox Hills is alive and well! Plenty of opportunities exist for beginner, intermediate and advanced players. At our Fox Hills Learning Center location, we offer private and group instruction. Most women prefer to join our instructional leagues with friends or co-workers. It is easy to find a program to fit your needs. If you require some direction, you may contact any of our staff members for assistance.

Current Programs

Women's Short Game School

Practice in all areas of the short game with 4:1 student/teacher ratio is followed by application on the golf course. Drills and fundamentals practiced on the first day are applied on the golf course on the second day and include putting, chipping, pitching, sand play, and unusual lies.

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Women's Beginner Instructional League

This program is for beginning golfers with limited golf experience. 5 weeks of 30 minute range clinics followed by 60 minutes of on-course instruction. Each weekly clinic focuses on a different skill such as full swing, putting, chipping, and play includes etiquette and rules instruction.

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Women's Intermediate Instructional League

For experienced golfers who seek to improve their play by developing better golf course management
skills. Five weeks of 90 minute on-course sessions that focus on developing the player’s shot making and decision making skills.

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Women's Spring Instructional League

These programs consist of (4) weekly sessions of group instruction for pre-season and post-season play.They are for beginning golfers with limited golf experience and more experienced players. Each weekly BEGINNER clinic focuses on a different skill such as full swing, putting, and chipping, while play includes etiquette and rules instruction. Each weekly INTERMEDIATE clinic consists of 90 minute on-course sessions that focus on developing the player’s shot making and decision making skills.

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Wine, Women & Wedges

These sessions invite women to come to the course for a 30 to 45 minute clinic. The clinic is followed by wine and cheese plate with optional golf on the Strategic Fox golf course at a reduced rate.

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FORE Women

This program consists of 60 minute sessions lasting 4 weeks and is designed for beginning golfers who
want to learn the basics of the game and for those looking to brush up on their fundamentals. Instruction involves full swing, putting, chipping, etiquette, and on-course applications.

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Adult Beginner League

The beginner league is designed to allow beginning players an opportunity to experience the golf course in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere. This league will help you meet other people at your own playing level while enjoying your development.

Evening 6 to 9 hole league offered either on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, or Thursdays.

League runs for 11 weeks (2 weeks of clinic, 9 weeks of on-course play)

Monday Clinic Dates: May 8 & 15, Tuesday Clinic Dates: May 9 & 16, Wednesday Clinic Dates: May 10 & 17, Thursday Clinic Dates: May 11 & 18 ***Clinic times will be from 6:30 to 8:00PM at the Strategic Fox Driving Range***

Weekly tee times 6:30-7:00PM at both Strategic Fox & Fox Classic courses.

Power carts are available at a cost of $5 per person

Cost $180


Mens Group Instruction

For our male golfers, our most popular programs include a few simple training offers. For those looking for a monthly program that focuses on duration and frequency, Adult Team Training, (ATT) is your program. The Short Game Schools, Instructional Leagues and Get Golf Ready are also popular for advanced and beginner players. You may contact any of our staff members for guidance into the proper program for you!

Current Programs

Short Game Schools

This program is designed for the committed player and looks into all details of the game inside 100 yards. This program will include (4) hours of instruction and lunch with the coaching staff. We have included a FREE WEDGE FITTING coupon tailored you your specifications.

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Get Golf Ready

This program is designed to introduce you to the game of golf. From how to make a tee time to what you do once you are at the driving range and course. We teach you the golf swing fundamentals, etiquette and a love for the game for life!

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Drop 10 Strokes In 10 Weeks

This Training Program will drop a minimum of 10 strokes off your game, if your low round is 95 or higher, GUARANTEED! Each session is 1.5 hours each and will cover your personal needs as a player covering full swing, short game, on-course and mental coaching.


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This program is has 8 sessions included using high speed video and training aids to accelerate your improvement. Start anytime during the year, but, the sooner the better. Classes start in January with multiple times available each week.

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Men's League

The Fox Classic Men’s League is open all golfers 18 years and older of any skill level. Our men’s league offers a great opportunity to network with other members of the community, improve your golf game and keep your handicap up to date. Space is limited to 24 players, so sign up now!

9-Hole League on Monday evenings starting at 5pm Tee off times range from 5-5:45PM

16 Weeks of play beginning May 8th

Includes: 16 weeks of golf, online league website, end of year banquet, and prizes. League play will consist of 2 person teams and the format will be match play each week Handicaps will be used for scoring; handicaps will be established after the 2nd week of play.

Carts are available at a cost of $8 per player

Cost: $375



The FHLC Memberships are a great way to save on costs associated with both driving range sessions and course play.

Short Game Area Membership

April 1 - Novemeber 1, 2017
$349/One-Time Fee
  • Fox HIlls Short Game Facility provides members with an unrivaled short game practice arena to improve their game. The greens are desinged to accomodate shorts up to 80 yards to include: sand, lob wedge, and bunp n run play. There are bunkers of varying depths surrounding pristine greens with hollows mowed at both fairway and rough heights. Imagination is the only limit to shot variety in the Fox HIlls Short Game area.
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Driving Range Membership

April 1 - November 1
$549/One -Time Fee
  • Save time and money at the range! When you sign up for the Driving Range Membership you get unlimited use of range balls and use of our practice facility. You can take advantage of our well manicured driving range April 1st through November 1st from dawn until dusk.

What Our Students Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our students do the talking!

Jeff, I am happy to report a season of tremendous success that I attribute to your excellent instruction.  Although my index had been as low as 8.0 the previous summer, it had inflated to about 11.8 when we started last winter.  As of yesterday my index is 6.2, and I was wondering while I’m still hot, we should probably get a video of what I may be doing right!

Jim E.

I have been bringing my boys, (13 and 10) for about 4 years to the Fox Hills Learning Center.  My kids grew to be better at golf, in all aspects of their game.  The beautiful facility is a great place to learn throughout the year.   The professional staff continually improves their offerings to make my boys love the game. The coaches have been instrumental in shaping my kids. I’m planning to continue at their facility until they go to college and beyond. Fox Hills Learning Center is a place to be for kids to learn and love golf.

Prasad A.

I just finished a 4-week beginner class on Tuesday evenings with Anne Gajda.  I had tried group lessons at another golf course two years ago and there is no comparison!  Anne has a great way of simplifying the basics.  She would give me 1-2 things to think about to improve the result, which is about all my brain can actually handle at a one time!  It is a great balance of instruction, practice, and individual attention.   A beginner class for women, taught by an awesome woman instructor was absolutely PERFECT for me.

Judie C

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose a program at Fox Hills Learning Center?

Look over our programming online and request some help from one of our talented staff members to make sure you are in the proper program for your needs.

When and how do I pay for programs or private lessons at Fox Hills Learning Center?

If you are registering for a clinic or program that is listed online, you must pay online.  If you are paying for a private lesson, you may pay onsite in full after the first lesson.  Payment may be made by credit card, check or cash.

What is your refund policy?

Our policy is to make sure you are happy with services you singed up and paid to receive.  We will work with you to make sure your request for a refund is accurate.  This will take place on a case by case scenario.

What is the "On-Ramp" program?

The “On-Ramp” program is a 3 lesson package to initially assess and evaluate students prior to them enrolling into our ATT and JTT programs.

What is ATT and JTT?

ATT is Adult Team Training and JTT is Junior Team Training.  These are monthly group training programs with multiple levels of commitment.  We have a 4 month minimum for enrollment and student ratios are from 4:1 to 6:1.  Sessions are 90 minutes long

Can I upgrade or change my ATT or JTT programs once enrolled?

You can upgrade or downgrade at any time within the 10 month program and this could be due to family travel, school or tournament schedules.

Do private lessons expire?

We have an expiration policy of one year from start date which help improve the student development and plan for success.

How do I get a JTT or ATT range pass?

We allow ATT level 2 and JTT level 3 students to earn a range pass each month with allotted range ball and play passes. You must pick these up at the PC or from your instructor.

When can I start ATT or JTT?

You can start ATT or JTT at any time throughout the season, but we recommend the initial “On-Ramp” program to be assessed.

We're Here To Help!

If we didn’t answer all of your questions, feel free to drop us a line anytime.

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