Speed, Power, Play

Whether you want to make the high school varsity soccer team, be drafted by a major league baseball team or improve your race time, MercyElite sports performance training will help you achieve your goal.

We begin by completing a functional movement assessment to see how your body moves and identify your strengths and weaknesses. Next, our certified trainers develop a custom program combining speed, power and play to help you maximize efficient movements and performance. We work to enhance your performance and reduce injuries by enabling athletes to maximize their strengths rather than over use weaknesses.

Your training program may include:

  • Plyometric jump training
  • Power and strength training
  • Core strengthening
  • Balance, speed and agility
  • Core and flexibility


Sports performance training from MercyElite will get you playing at your best.

To find out how MercyElite can bring out a better athlete in you, call 734-655-8240.

Chris Bohm

Chris Bohm

Chris Bohm is the Service Line Administrator of Sports Medicine and MercyElite Sports Performance. He has Bachelor of Arts degrees in Education and History and a Master’s degree in Leadership and Administration from Michigan State University. Chris began his professional career as an educator in Michigan Public Schools and his passion for caring for the youth in the community has traveled with him into health care leadership.

Chris is dedicated to MercyElite’s vision of becoming our community’s trusted source for sports, health and wellness, specializing in comprehensive and individualized care for the athlete in everyone. He plays a crucial role in MercyElite’s community outreach and business development projects. Chris has led MercyElite in forming crucial partnerships throughout Livonia and western Wayne County and is excited about the growth of Sports Medicine within the Saint Joseph Mercy Health System.

Chris was born at St. Mary Mercy Livonia and grew up in Western Wayne County. He has played several sports including soccer, baseball, football, lacrosse and basketball.

Dan Wolocko

Dan Wolocko

Dan Wolocko is the Director of Sports Therapy & Sports Performance. Dan has over 10 years of sports medicine experience in metro Detroit and specializes in rehabilitation and conditioning of athletes of all ages.

He received his Master’s degree in Physical Therapy from Grand Valley State University and a Bachelor’s Degree in Health Fitness in Preventative and Rehabilitative Programs from Central Michigan University. Dan is a licensed physical therapist, a certified strength and conditioning specialist (through the National Strength and Conditioning Association), a certified pitching instructor (through the National Pitching Association) and is a certified medical professional with the Titleist Performance Institute. Dan is a trainer of and consultant to local sports teams & clubs and actively participates in local community education programs and seminars with presentations on biomechanics and injury prevention.